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Asia Abbatangelo is a first camera assistant, focus puller, camera operator, filmmaker and amateur photographer ​based in south of France, Marseille. 


She had work for the most important international productions and agency in Italy and France, from all over the world.


Since 2007 she works on commercials, feature films, music videos, documentaries, tv show and sport shootings, discovering any position in camera department. Asia cooperates with directors and cinematographers to produce images, respecting time limits, providing skills, dynamism, determination and experience depending on the type of project and budget. 


Since 2021 she collaborate with the film school Cinemagis, located in Marseille at the Pole Media, where she hold camera assistant classes. Camera prep, focus pulling, digital cameras, formats, configurations, cameras and lenses comparison, focus and storytelling are some of the arguments treated.


For 5 years, during the job on-set, she was communication and event manager with the collective Trauma Studio, where she covered also the role of video-maker and photographer. They have welcomed and worked with hundreds of artists for thousands of people, under the principles of DIY in multiply festivals and public locations.


She loves to spend her time at the sea, ride a bike, go to expositions and listen a lot of music. She is passionated about photography, cinema and painting. Sometimes she brings the film camera for saving her life moment. She works also in post-production as editor and colorist for personal and collective projects, principally shorts and documentaries. 


Asia Abbatangelo is available for all kinds of international productions, she speaks Italian, English and French. You can contact her at 



TV Logic F7h Mark II

Black Magic Pocket Camera 4:3

Da Vinci Studio Version 16

All the necessary to build a good camera and team configuration for shooting in every condition.

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